black floor lamp on living room sofa
The Genesis of TOFARCH

"Over two decades ago, TOFARCH was founded with a vision to revolutionize office spaces by introducing designs that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and conducive to wellness. Born out of a small workshop, our founder's passion for quality craftsmanship and an intuitive understanding of workplace needs drove the initial designs that quickly set us apart in the bustling markets of India.

As the years progressed, TOFARCH expanded its reach, continuously evolving with the technological advancements and changing workplace dynamics. Our commitment to sustainability became a cornerstone of our operations, leading to the achievement of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications—a testament to our dedication to quality management and environmental responsibility.

Today, TOFARCH stands as a beacon in the office furniture industry, serving an impressive roster of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Each piece of furniture we create carries the legacy of innovation and an unyielding commitment to improving how people work and interact.

Our story is one of relentless innovation and dedication to crafting environments that not only meet but inspire the aspirations of our clients. It’s a narrative that continues to unfold as we push the boundaries of what a workspace can be, driven by our mission to enhance productivity and inspire success through thoughtful design."

"At TOFARCH, our mission is to enhance every workspace with innovative, ergonomic, and sustainable office furniture solutions that inspire creativity and optimize productivity. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations through impeccable design, exceptional service, and unwavering quality."
"To be the leader in office furniture solutions, recognized globally for our innovative designs and commitment to sustainability, transforming the way people work and interact in their professional environments."





"TOFARCH is dedicated to creating workspaces that empower individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential. Our purpose is rooted in the belief that the right environment catalyzes growth, well-being, and success. By integrating cutting-edge design with functionality, we build spaces that are not just workplaces but sources of inspiration and innovation."